Towards a New Poetics of Endangered Species!

We have some great news! We just launched a crowd-funding campaign to publish a new and expanded facsimile edition of the Poetics of Endangered Species: Estonia. After working on a number of different books over the last ten years, we’ve finally figured out exactly how we want our books to look! If you’d like to read the full description of our crowd-funding project – and watch a wonderful video about it, please visit the following page. We need your help to make our crowd-funding campaign a success. Even if you already own the first facsimile edition of our book, we hope you will consider buying a copy of our new and improved edition via Hooandja as it will come with a unique letterpress printed dust jacket and other handmade extras. And if you would consider ordering a second copy for a favorite family member or friend, that would be fantastic!  To do this, you’ll first need register with Hooandja (if you aren’t already signed up). And since we have your attention, we would also like to ask for your help in promoting our book as only the true power of social media networking will make our project a success. So, if you like what you see, please share a link to our Hooandja campaign with your family members, friends, and anyone else you might happen to like and encourage them to order a copy as well – or to sign up for one of our many other special Hooandja offerings. Please repost our book news on your blog or FaceBook page, tweet about it, and otherwise help us spread the word in any way you can!