Behind every closed door there is a new world just waiting to be discovered.

This is true for just about any door you might come across in Tallinn’s lovely Old Town.

And yet we like to think that this is especially true about our door because behind it you’ll find not only St. Hildegard’s Courtyard with its surrounding medieval buildings and church, you’ll also discover another place which transcends the mere physical world to become our spiritual Sanctuarium.

If you don’t have time to visit our Sanctuarium in person and see what we are doing to celebrate Ukrainian culture and breathe new life into the monastic crafts of calligraphy, illumination, papermaking, and printing, then perhaps you might want to browse through our photo gallery below or read about our purpose here to catch a glimpse of our world.

And if you might consider taking just another moment from your busy day, we’d like to ask you to please join us in a Prayer for Estonia, Mary’s Land.

Watch Slavic Bihun’s short fifteen-minute film about our Sanctuarium. The film is in English and Ukrainian.

Watch Ulyana Osovska’s short five-minute film about our Prayer. The film is in Ukrainian with English subtitles.