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Ukrainian Cultural Center!


The Ukrainian Cultural Center (UKK) is a non-denominational, non-profit organization open to people of all faiths and nationalities. As our Center is dedicated to promoting Ukrainian culture in Estonia, we provide a place where local Ukrainians can preserve their language as well as cultural and religious traditions. By doing so, our Center also makes it possible for Estonians and others to learn more about the Ukrainian way of life.

Join Us!

Join us on our journey to preserve Ukraine’s unique cultures. The Ukrainian Culture Center is the place where Estonia’s Ukrainian community meets to share their culture with others.

Join us on our journey to protect not just unique cultures but also endangered species and vanishing crafts – as well as anything else which is under threat of extinction through no fault of its own.

Join us on our journey to promote the medieval crafts of calligraphy, illumination, paper making, and printing by keeping them alive and well in Tallinn’s Old Town. By joining all these crafts together, we are able to create our own handmade books in our Labora Workshops.

To begin, we make our paper by hand in our own paper mill. We can then write, illustrate, and illuminate each page in our Scriptorium where we also teach calligraphy. Or we can print our own texts in our print shop using our letterpress. We then craft our own book covers out of wood and leather. Finally, we bind everything together to create our handmade books which help give voice to the voiceless – be they endangered species, unique cultures, or vanishing ways of life.

Anatoli & Friends


We continue to collect donations to prepare new shipments to UKRAINE, in support of the Ukrainian army, war victims and refugees.
Account name: Ukraina Kultuurikeskus
Account number SEB: EE401010220229090221
Reference: Ukraina

If you want to support the development of the Ukrainian Cultural Center, to help us preserve Ukrainian culture, publish one of our unique books, support one of our other projects, or keep the medieval crafts of calligraphy, illumination, paper making, and printing alive and well in Old Town Tallinn, please transfer funds using the following information:
Account name: Ukraina Kultuurikeskus
Account number (SEB): EE541010220027044013
Just add a note to your donation to let us know how you would like your money to be spent. Thanks!

Visit Us!

You will find us at the following address in Tallinn’s Old Town:

NGO Ukrainian Cultural Center
Laboratooriumi 22
10133 Tallinn

Please be sure to email us (ukk.tallinn@gmail.com) or call us (+372 5650 2572) first to make all the necessary arrangements!


Interested in volunteering at the Ukrainian Cultural Center and learning more about who we are and what we do? Then please email us or call us and ask to speak to Anatoli or Eric. We are always happy to make new like-minded friends and welcome anyone of good will who would like to join us!