Get Medieval!

Please join us on Town Hall Square to help celebrate Old Town Tallinn’s Medieval Days from 12 noon until 4 PM – starting on Thursday, July 5th and ending on Sunday, July 8th! For those of you who may have problems with your lettering or your writing, our medieval scribe – and resident calligrapher – Lady Tatiana will address your letters to any of your faraway friends. We will even seal your letter so that no one else will read it along the way! Of course, there is a small fee associated with the purchasing of an appropriate card and then the mailing of it but – rest assured – you won’t feel as if your pocket has been picked. We do recommend, however, that you keep a close eye on your pockets and purses while you’re in Old Town on Market Day as not everyone is as honest as we are! For more information about what else will be going on, go to the Visit Estonia website.