After many long months of hard work, six handmade copies of our Book of Good finally came into existence. And although the first five illuminated manuscripts have already made their way to Ukraine via special delivery, you can still find the sixth copy on display at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Tallinn.

We’ve handwritten and illustrated fifty moving stories — known together as the Book of Good — on our handmade paper. We then hand-stitched each set of stories into our signature binding made from leather and wood. If you look carefully, you can even find dried flowers hidden throughout our Book. And so, for your viewing pleasure, here are just a few pictures of this unique art work.

Of course, you would be most welcome to come visit the Ukrainian Cultural Center in person to leaf through our Book of Good yourself. Just don’t be surprised if you become tempted to use your hands to create a book of your own!

If you are curious about our book-making process, why don’t you have a look at our post on Making the Book of Good?