What is EVS?

European Voluntary Service  is a program which allows you to volunteer for an organization in Europe where you can put your skills to use and develop them further! You can build your competencies through non-formal learning, experience living in a foreign country, and gain new friends!

Why volunteer at the Ukrainian Cultural Center (UKK)?

Have a look at the projects we do. Would you like to be a part of them? Do you already have some ideas of your own about how you might contribute to our Center? Scroll through our site and you’ll discover testimonials from our previous volunteers which will give you an idea of what to expect!

During your service, you will have an opportunity to participate in all the activities of our Center. You can learn traditional crafts, including papermaking, calligraphy, book art, and traditional woodwork. You can get involved in various renovation activities in our carpentry workshop or help maintain our garden on the grounds of the Center.

The Ukrainian Cultural Center maintains collections of cultural artifacts which need to be organized and cataloged. Or you could help promote the Ukrainian Cultural Center by taking photos, editing them, and posting them on the UKK’s social media and website.

You will also get the opportunity to meet many different people who come visit the UKK – including artists, journalists, as well as people interested in art, history, and culture. You will soon be able to give guided tours of the Center, introducing the Center, its history, and its projects to our visitors. Depending on your interests, you can also learn a lot from our visitors!

Current staff members get together every day when we eat our communal lunch. One of your regular – though not daily tasks – will be to cook lunch for everyone. Lunch is the time when we meet, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. It is our time to discuss not only work-related issues, but also to learn from each other. Our working languages are English, Estonian, Ukrainian, and Russian – you will have the opportunity to practice whichever one you choose!

We would be happy if you were to pick one of the UKK’s many different activities and develop it further – or come up with a whole new idea of your own and work on it.  We will be glad to give you any assistance you might need!

What are we looking for in our future EVS volunteers?

As most of our activities are focused on preserving culture, art, and nature, we prefer volunteers who are interested in these topics. It would also be useful if you had experience in these fields – although this is not required. First and foremost, we are looking for motivated people interested in working on – and learning more about – these topics. We want people who are eager to widen their horizons in art, cultural history, nature, and philosophy. We also expect you to be proactive and independent. We are ready to teach you all we know – but we are also open to your new ideas and contributions!

You must be 18 to 30 years old and have not done an EVS before. Estonians, unfortunately, are not eligible for our project.

How can I support myself just by volunteering?

EVS is financed by the European Commission, which means you will be covered for your accommodation, food, insurance, some incidentals, and most of your travel expenses.

I want to join you! What do I do next?

  1. Fill out this application form.
  2. Send it to EstYES, our coordinating organization: evs@estyes.ee
  3. If we like your application, we will contact you for a Skype interview.
  4. After that, it will be up to you and EstYES to complete all the required paperwork and sign the necessary legal documents.

You can start your EVS in September 2018 and join us for 12 months!